Welcome to The Village by Happily Family

About The Village

The Village is a warm community for parents of spirited kids to support each other and get expert help. Our goal is to make family life easier and more fun, by raising kids mindfully.

Inside The Village you'll find a global community of parents, deep conversations, new ideas, and expert help. 

The Village is for YOU!

It’s a membership community for parents, educators, and therapists who are raising or guiding the next generation. We are navigating the emotional and behavioral world of children… together. 

Inside The Village we talk about:

  • How to stay connected with your child especially during challenging behaviors and difficult times
  • How to raise resilient and competent kids, who are socially and emotionally strong
  • How to instill good habits and healthy communication in your child and your family
  • How to “re-do” when you make a mistake
  • How to feel confident about your parenting, especially if you have a high needs child, or are parenting differently than others around you

“It feels great to have tools and put them in practice, and also see other parents sharing similar stories that make me feel we are not alone in the journey of parenthood.” - Carlos

“Over the past year, we've grown so much as parents and as a family. I'm so grateful to both of you for your personal support, wisdom and humility! Thank you so much and huge blessings on you both!” - Ingrid M.